How You Can Create Lifelong Patients

How You Can Create Lifelong Patients

The stakes for private practice success have never been higher than they are today. You’re competing with twenty-four-hour urgent care clinics, the increasing corporatization of medicine, and a whole host of other private practices offering the same services. You’re also competing with the rise of telemedicine and never-ending disruption from
The Ultimate Reason Why Practices Don’t Grow

The Ultimate Reason Why Practices Don’t Grow

98% of chiropractors earn less than one million dollars. You want to be the 2% that experience truly incredibly levels of success. That’s an honorable goal and we’re here to help you achieve it. Before you enter the upper echelon of chiropractic achievement, however, you need to understand what not


Are Your Marketing Techniques as Old as the Horse and Buggy?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you go to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving in a horse and buggy or a modern comfortable vehicle? Are your marketing campaigns as old as the horse and buggy? Because I still practice and see patients I have the distinct advantage of being

Why Most Health Care Providers Fail to Build the Practice of Their Dreams

Why are you reading this article? Let’s face it if your practice was rocking, your time wouldn’t be spent reading this article; you would be spending your time treating patients, buying some new toy, or donating your money to charity. Unfortunately, most practitioners are reactive instead of proactive. What this


These two Reasons Will STOP You from Growing Your Practice

Growing a successful practice is really easy when you have the right tools. The challenge is knowing what tools are needed and applying them correctly. What is the difference between a practitioner who is earning 7-figures vs. a practitioner who isn’t making ends meet? This newsletter will educate you how

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