Sales Training

Are You Closing Deals and Earning Money?

The Achille's heal of most small businesses is their ability to close deals. You can spend all the money in the world, if your team is not able to convert leads into paying customers, you will never achieve your goals; and you will not earn money.

Converting Leads into Paying Customers

Many businesses seek more clients through advertising. They fail to realize that spending more money does not mean that you will make more money. The key is to improve your conversion rate. When you improve conversions you will spend less money on advertising costs and get a much bigger bank for your buck.

The Creative Coaching Difference

At Creative Coaching we analyze every aspect of your business. We will analyze your industry; products/services; sales infrastructure; personnel; organization charts; marketing; closing scripts; profit and loss statements; balance sheets; In short every aspect of your business to ensure that you are profitable in each area. After a thorough analysis, we will develop a sales training plan that fit your goals and your market. Here is a breakdown of our approach:

  • Analyze your marketing funnel from leads acquisition to close
  • Analyze your closing rate
  • Analyze your sales presentation (and collateral)
  • Analyze your internal procedures
  • Analyze your team members' strengths and weaknesses
  • Formulate lead handling and sales procedures that fit your business
  • Implement new procedures through team member training
  • Periodical reviews to monitor progress and assess areas of need

What Can You Expect?

Some clients saw their closing rates jump from 15% to over 80%. Others reduced their advertising costs by hundreds to thousands of dollars because we taught them how to take a more strategic approach. Our job is three-fold: 1. Help our clients earn more money. 2. Help our clients protect their money. 3. Help our client's money make them money.

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