The following testimonials are taken from letters I've received from actual satisfied clients and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals.

"I became a Millionaire!!"
Dear Paul

As of March 21, 2017 I became a millionaire!! Paul coached me to better organize and to run a business instead of a hobby. He helped me hire the right team and delegate, delegate and delegate. That allowed me to be able to spend time with my family and actually take vacations! He also taught us along with his financial team how to be tax efficient and have our money earn us money. For the first time in 15 years I am working smarter, not harder. Thank you Dr. Paul Inselman!

Grateful Client(He did not want his name published)

"You exceeded even my ego's most calculated expectations..."
Dear Paul

When I started coaching with your, my ego claimed to know what I would get out of your coaching. I feel so blessed and grateful to now know you exceeded even my ego's most calculated expectations.

Looking back after just a few short months, I can't express in words what you have done to help me in re-connecting with my Higher-Self. You helped me look at things from so many different angles. You have taught me the teachings of the Laws of the Universe which helped me to understand how I created the life I was living. When we started coaching, I was miserable everyday. I was living in a rented one room hovel, I had a dead end job, and I had no self -esteem. You helped me peel the layers of my outer-self to revel my Inner-Self. You also encouraged me to seek answers to question about who I am and reintroduced me to my truths.

Everything in my life is far from perfect. However, I know now that with your continued help and guidance, I will get to that great place that is in my mind. I know now that life is full of possibilities instead of emptiness.

Thank you Paul,
Justin Sepia

"We have lots of money in the bank."

Paul has been my business coach for over 5 years. When we started working with him our business was on it's last legs...literally. We had six weeks of money and then our doors would close. After the very first meeting my partner and I knew that we were going to turn things around. Five years later, not only did we survive, we are THRIVING! Last year was another record year! We have lots of money in the bank and our retirement plans are being funded to the max again. Thank you Paul!

Robert and Billy

"He holds me accountable to doing the things that I say that I am going to do."

Paul has been my life coach for over 5 years. He has helped me to develop very clear goals with action steps. What I love about him most is he holds me accountable to doing the things that I say that I am going to do. The results have been really worth the time and effort. I have successfully built and sold two businesses, my health is better than it has ever been, and I am learning more and more about myself everyday. Paul is awesome at getting me and keeping me out of my own way. I have had other coaches before, but none of them had the depth of knowledge and the ability to motivate me to accomplish all of the great things that I have done. I am forever grateful and would recommend him highly.

- Nicolas Santini

"Bill and I are forever grateful to you."

Dear Paul:

Thank you for helping my husband and I get back on the right track. We had tried marriage counselors, and therapists with no help. You were recommended by my sister who was also having problems. As you know, Bill was very reluctant to work with you. When you told him to make a decision or leave you really earned his respect. Nobody ever stands up to Bill. I can still see his face to this day. He and I often laugh about that first encounter with you, but that is what set us on our path. You were patient but firm with us and you held us accountable. You helped us organize our life, finances and you helped us to set goals. Today, 3 years later we are like a newlywed couple. Our net worth has grown and is growing and Bill and I are forever grateful to you.

Warmest regards and appreciation,
Bobbi and Bill

"Dr. Inselmans' coaching is a no-brainer."

"Dr. Inselmans' coaching is a no-brainer. We made up his fees in our first week of starting his program and some. Anyone who doesn't utilize a coach in business is a fool. There are so many things we never even knew or explored until our minds were opened by CreativeCoaching"

Dr. Adam Cherry Director of Marketing


"You Are Great."

Dear Paul:

Today and Monday I was very frustrated at work with: - speed of change - access to people - doing things my way vs their way And... That has been making me: - paranoid - angry - frustrated - worried it is not going to go well But this time (unlike the last 8 years) I kept thinking of your advice: - their the boss - don't push - don't be antsy - affirmations ( every hour) - be positive - this is not a past job - control emotions

Just talked to my boss and he is cool with how things are going. So doing "Paul'isms" has save me from messing this whole thing up 11 different ways. Pretty much everything I would have done would have pissed these people off.

You Are Great!